A Man On A Mission

    Sam reversing out shoulder pain

    Who Am I?

    My name is Sam. I’m a thriving fitness coach, serial entrepreneur, martial artist, and an overall “great guy”. I have a strong interest in all crafts that have room for mastery through skillful expression—from MMA & BJJ to copyrighting & business negotiations. I’m also constantly working on improving my own skills and pursuing the best knowledge without bias. At the same time, I’m incredibly geeky, in great physical shape, and dashingly handsome—it’s quite likely that I’m one of the coolest nerds you may ever meet.

    Why Did I Choose ATG?

    My coaching journey began in 2017 after spending years struggling to achieve my own results. After facing numerous training injuries, undergoing surgical procedures, and spending countless hours in physical therapy clinics trying to repair my body to no avail, I selfishly began this beautiful career with the desire to learn how to “do it the right way”.

    It was only after I started coaching at a local gym that I discovered a life changing passion that’s guided the trajectory of my career to this day—a passion for helping others. It was no longer about myself, it was about them. For the first time in my life I felt a sense of deeper purpose and knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life.

    Learning & utilizing the ATG system has been the biggest breakthrough in my coaching career by a landslide. The knowledge has given me a supreme level of certainty as a coach and its unique approach to fitness has helped my clients achieve some of the best results produced during my career. Everything from their founding philosophy to their unique training concepts strongly resonates with me. I truly feel like ATG has been the missing link in physical training that I’ve always saut after and I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to continue growing alongside some of the best coaches in the industry.

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