Unlocking Our Potential

    Harry Shum, picture Who am I?

    My name is Harry and I am a physiotherapist, nutritionist, sports massage therapist, and university basketball player. I believe that all of us have a gift deep within us and our purpose in life is to develop and share that gift. That’s why I love to coach and spread the knowledge I have learned from both physiotherapy and ATG. I strive to rehab individuals back from injury to do what they love, pain-free. 

    Why ATG?

    I chose ATG not only for the movements but for the shared mindset. Everyone in the coaching community shares the same core values. This stems from the top with Ben Patrick, the strongest willed individual in the community. ATG is a tribe and community to lean on and learn from, influencing each other with positive energy and solutions. 

    As a 5' 8" basketball player, I once felt incapable of playing at the university level. Today, I've transformed from bench player riddled with ankle injuries to a consistent starter. My last year of university has been a dream come true.
    ATG has influenced me to think beyond short term goals and be brave and dream big. Progress is not made overnight, it requires a daily dedication to your craft.  I’ll forever be grateful for ATG in helping me become physically and mentally stronger.
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