Longevity and Performance

    Andrés Rodríguez-Story, L2 Coach
    Who I am?

    My name is Andres, currently living in beautiful Flagstaff Arizona. Come from a distance running background in high school and community college that lead to many overuse injuries. Eventually my hamstrings got so injured I had to completely stop running.

    Now focusing more on overall fitness/athleticism as well as longevity. I do have aspirations to get back to running competitively in the future, I refuse to believe I reached my peak endurance fitness at 20 years old. I love cooking and nutrition as well, and want to start sharing how to make healthy, affordable and delicious meals with the world.

    Why ATG?

    I found Ben Patrick/ATG on instagram in the summer of 2020 and immediately started implementing his exercises into my training. My goal at the time was to fix my hamstrings as well as bulletproofing the rest of my body. Since then, I have put on roughly 30 lbs of muscle and have stronger knees and shoulders than I ever thought to be possible, still have a lot of work to do BUT I am confident with the ATG methods that everything I am training is setting me on the right path.

    Originally was striving to be an online coach but now, with the connections I have made through ATG, I see that I can provide a lot of value in the content creation (both for myself and others) side of things as. video editor. Amazing experience so far.

    The biggest value I have personally found though ATG thus far other then the training is the connections with hard working and likeminded people, it is amazing how much you can learn in such a possitive community like this.

    Long term, I want to not only reach my own athletic potential (lots to go still) but also help others online reach theirs.
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