Finding the Motivation to Train

    Melissa Mortensen is smiling outside

    Who am I?

    My name is Melissa, and I am a Danish health freak with a degree in marketing. I love to learn new skills and explore physical and mental boundaries.

    All my life I have pushed my body to the limit, and this has accumulated with constant injuries and pains. These challenges have allowed me to rebuild my body and my approach to training.

    Why ATG?

    When gyms shut down in 2020, I was ready for a change in training. When my brother introduced me to ATG, I immediately connected with the training philosophy started to click in my training. Every ATG session, I feel my mind and body more deeply connected.

    ATG zero allowed me to build a strong base, and recalibrate what training meant. Every movement has a purpose, and every muscle is connected. Whether you are training for longevity, performance, or both, ATG has something to offer.

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