The ATG Engineer

    Austin, Product Developer

    Who am I?

    My name is Austin, and I am a licensed mechanical engineer. I’ve always loved helping coach family and friends in the gym, but have started moving into doing it professionally. My main sport is volleyball, but I’ll never turn down a pickup game of basketball or football.

    Why ATG?

    I chose ATG because after spraining my knee 6 different times across 3 different sports I had given up on being able to play anything competitively ever again. ATG not only brought me back to being able to do something I love again in playing sports, it also introduced me to a training system built on a foundation of building long term health rather than short term gains.

    ATG is able to help everyone from freak high school athletes to the elderly just wanting to be able to walk and play with grandchildren. It is about dropping the ego and listening to your body rather than worrying about the weight on the bar. I am endlessly motivated by the idea of spreading it across the world and allowing everyone to live a long and healthy life.

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