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Multi Sled™

Multi Sled™

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Push Post
Plastic Rails (all surface)

Preorders for the Multi Sled are now available! Preorders will ship on March 15 and have a limited-time price starting at just $149.

Push. Pull. All surface.
The Multi Sled is modular and works on any surface. It's the ultimate training tool for everyone—from novices to freak athletes alike. 
Perform backward pulls and forward pushes using a minimalist footprint. It's light enough to travel with, yet sturdy enough to handle 500+ lbs of load.

Product Features

Full Steel Build: 540 lb Olympic plate weight limit

30.1” by 8.7” Footprint, 30 lbs Base: Easily portable

Included Pro Sled Strap ($50 Value): Reverse Out Knee Pain

Add-On Y-Posts: Perform sled pushes

Add-On All Surface Sled Skis: Sled on pavement, concrete, & more

Money Back Guarantee

You're 100% covered - if it's not for you, send it back within 90 days for a quick, no-hassle refund.

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  • Push, Pull, or Both

    Reverse sled right out the box with the included Pro Sled Strap ($50 value). It's perfect for building from the ground up and restoring function to the knees. Add the Y Post attachment to take your sledding to the next level with forward pushes.

  • The FOUNDATION of Bullet-Proofing

    Sledding is an essential part of lower body training. Reverse out knee pain with backward pulls. Develop speed and strength with forward pulls.

  • Sled Anywhere

    Take it anywhere and sled on any surface. For use on solid terrain like pavement, the plastic rails add-on is ideal. They reduce wear and tear on the sled while minimizing noise.

Preorder Your Sled Today!

At less than HALF the size and 1/3 of the price of the next best option, our Multi Sled keeps selling out.

Order today to guarantee your Multi Sled at our preorder sale price!

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Mason C.
ATG Essential

If I could only have one piece of equipment, this would be it. I've used it every morning for a month and it's already made a huge difference in my knee pain. It's also a great warmup before my ATG workouts. It doesn't scratch the pavement and it's really easy to store in the garage. Really happy with this

Miguel Espinoza
Multi sled review

The sled works great, super versatile, and the belt feels great. I use it on the road and the plastic rails are dope, they are durable and I was pleasant surprised. The Y handle attachment at first seemed a little rickety but it hold up well and it’s at a great height. I’m 6 foot so I’d say that’s about the tallest you can be and use those handles. The sled is just a beast I love it.

Ryan Arieta

I use it for traveling and coaching clients. It’s so easy to travel with and set up! I use dumbbells instead of plates and it’s perfect!

Multi Sled

The MultiSled is great quality, works optimally and I’ve experienced great benefits from sledding with it. I completely recommend it! It’s great size and very practical. Easy to set up! Order & Enjoy this flare at piece of equipment!!

Sahem Haddad
Great investment for longevity

Been using this sled for the last month straight and already notice the results. Great product and price!

High Quality, Affordable Longevity Equipment