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Weight Plates
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Tri-Flexors are back in stock! We are continuing the preorder sale price starting at $99 for a limited time.

Bullet-proof your ankles, hip flexors, hamstrings, and more. Unlock 30+ movements and take leg day to the next level.

How it Works

1. Add Weight: For tib training, add any Olympic weight plates to the front bar. For most other exercises, use the side bars.

2. Strap in: Secure your foot using our sandal strap system. The Tri-Flexor™ supports up to men's size 13.

3. Get Training: It's that easy!

Product Features

Adjustable Design: Supports users up to USA men's shoe size 13/women's 15

Only 5 lbs Total: Ultra portable

Nylon Sandal Strap: A secure, comfortable fit

Removable Olympic Loading Bars: A travel friendly design

Money Back Guarantee

You're 100% covered - if it's not for you, send it back within 90 days for a quick, no-hassle refund.

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  • High Knee - Hip Flexors

  • Single Leg Tib Raise - Ankles & Tibs

  • Standing Ham Curl - Hamstrings

  • Standing Tib Raise - Tibialis Anterior

  • Donkey Kick Backs - Glutes

  • Leg Extension - Quadriceps

  • The Perfect Fit

    Our nylon sandal strap design makes the Tri-Flexor™ fast and easy to take on and off between sets. The adjustable padded heel strap keeps your foot secure.

  • A $1000 Gym On the Soles of Your Feet

    Unlock tib raises, hamstring curls, leg extensions, and more without the machines.

  • Bullet Proof Your Ankles

    Strengthen through the full range of motion of tib raises and ankle rotations. Our sandal strap design will keep you safe and secure.

  • The First Standing Tib Bar

    Tib raise standing for a completely unique tib workout. With its built in pivot, you can isolate the tib off of any flat surface.

  • Eccentric Strap Included

    Give yourself a boost through the final reps with the included eccentric strap. Simply slip it through the top of the Tri-Flexor™ for support during any movement.

  • All three weight bars are easily removable.

  • The Tri-Flexor™ is perfect for taking to the gym or easy storage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will it fit my shoes?

The Tri-Flexor™ supports USA men's shoe size 4-13/women's 6-15.

Can I use it barefoot?

Yes you can! The heel strap is extra padded for maximal comfort.

For barefoot users, the supported range is USA men's 6-15/women's 8-17.

Are weight clips included?

For the base model, weight clips are not included. You can add a pair of 2 weight clips for $20 extra, simply select 2x clips above the add to cart button.

Will my weight plates fit?

The Tri-Flexor™ supports 2" Olympic weight plates. This is the standard for most public and home gyms.

Click here for an image showing the difference between 1" and 2" weight plates.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Chris P
Exactly what I needed

My wife got me a bundle as a birthday gift and I love it. My ankles are particularly weak, so the triflexor been a huge help in my training. I'm excited to see what freak athlete comes up with next!

Paul Houck
Does what I need

I have always wanted to be able to work out my feet and ankles with a device like this. It is well built for a variety of uses, portable, and inexpensive.

Also Benji is great to work with. I initially I bought the Tib Bar (also a great & very affordable product) but returned it once I discovered the Tri-Flexor, and he communicated with me well, making everything a breeze. I'm Looking forward to strengthening my feet.

Benjamin Hwang
Does what monkey feet and isotob does for ⅓ the price

Refer to title

Carlos Rincon
Benji was great to work with.

I had some trouble ordering and Benji helped me out personally.

John S.
Liked it from a friend, would definitely buy 1 inch.

Used a friends but please make a one inch model! I would totally use this all the time at home but all my plates are 1 inch (they were a little cheaper and i dont lift heavy enough that a 2" bar would do anything). Right now I strap dummbells to my foot with belt or flossband, works well but adds a lot of time that id love to save. This is the first all purpose product ive seen and I'd love to have something like this. Also if there was a 1 inch option for the sled that would be cool too, not a big deal tho cuz that looks easy to DIY. But yeah just a little suggestion.

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