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Iron Tib Bar

Iron Tib Bar

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Preorders for the Tib Bar are now available! Preorders will ship on December 10 and have a limited-time price of $49.

Bullet-proof your tibialis; your first line of defense against shin splints and knee pain. The Iron Tib Bar allows you to safely train your tibialis anterior with a measurable load while strengthening the tendons and ligaments in your ankles through their full range of motion.

    The tibialis plays a crucial role in the lower body as the primary decelerator of the foot. With every step, stride, and jump, the tibialis anterior stabilizes the lower leg while absorbing forces from the ground that would otherwise go to our knees.

    Product Features

    Full Iron Frame: Built to last

    HDR and XL Padding Included: Tib raise comfortably with any footwear

    Fits Olympic plates: Train at the gym or at home

    Weight Clamp Included: Secure Olympic weight plates

    Tested up to 100 lbs: Built to strengthen the strongest athletes (average range is between 10-30 lbs)

    Portable: 4 lbs, 12x10x8 inches


    Delivery takes 5-7 business days.

    Money Back Guarantee

    You're 100% covered - if it's not for you, send it back within 90 days for a quick, no-hassle refund.

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    • The Most Important Tibialis Exercise

      Unlike bodyweight tib raises, the Iron Tib Bar allows you to measurably strengthen your tibialis anterior through a complete range of motion with every rep!

    • Perfect for Athletic Training

      Tibialis strength development, popularized by the “Knees Over Toes Guy", Ben Patrick, is one of the unique focuses of modern athletic training. Every tib raise you perform puts money in the bank for your body’s longevity!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 124 reviews
    It's great.

    The price is right, and it takes standard or Olympic sized plates. I have standard plates and it's hard to find modern stuff that accepts them so I'm beyond pleased.

    Alex K.
    Great Product!

    This is such a well-made, durable, and effective product. My tibs now feel like they're made of steel after using it. The Iron Tib Bar has become an essential part of my workout routine. Highly recommended!

    Amazing for everyone

    This is an amazing product and the customer service is exceptional on top it all. I got one for myself and had my mom give it a go and she loved it, so I ended up buying another one for her. I did get one that was unable to fit my calibrated weight plates and sent a message about it and was sent a new one almost immediately. Now she sends me videos of her using it all the time! I also use my own and have my clients using it as well. Fantastic product and I can't give enough props to it.

    Works Great!

    I love this thing! The craftsmanship is great and works as intended. This will last several lifetimes. Also, the service I received from Mathias was top-notch!!! Highly recommend. Thank you!

    Nathan Gervais

    Really good quality equipment and a for a great price

    High Quality, Affordable Longevity Equipment