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Slant Blocks Pro

Slant Blocks Pro

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Update: Our first round of Slant Blocks have sold out! All new preorders will ship on December 10 and include a hard shell carrying case.

Elevate your athletic training with the all new Slant Blocks. Get ready to increase your range of motion, have safe access to essential athletic development exercises, and increase tension on your quads to maximize growth!

    Our Slant Blocks are built from high-strength rubber and have a 2000 lb weight limit. They have zero flex & wobble, even while using the heaviest loads. With a hard shell carrying case included, these are perfect for bringing on the go.

    With superior build quality and countless exercise applications, everybody can use our Slant Blocks—from the novice to freak athletes alike.

    Product Features

    2000 lb Weight Limit: Ready for any exercise

    Full Rubber Build: Built to last

    7 lbs, Hard Shell Case included: Easily portable

    Stackable: 10°, 20°, 30° in One: Scale any exercise

    Money Back Guarantee

    You're 100% covered - if it's not for you, send it back within 90 days for a quick, no-hassle refund.

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    • Elevate Your Training

      By elevating our heels, we can place our feet in a more neutral position while performing knees over toes exercises. This not only helps improve range of motion and form, but will allow you to better target your quads (VMO) for increased knee stability, joint strength, and reduced injury risk.

    • Perfect for Athletic Training

      Heel elevation is often times the best answer to keep athletes with restricted ankles training safely. The Slant Blocks are key to progressing your ATG Split Squats, Poliquin Step-Ups, ATG Squats, and much more!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Portable, long lasting

    Absolutely love these. The fact they are fairly light, durable and I can take them wherever (they even come in their own nice travel bag) makes these now something I’m definitely going to get as gifts for others in the future.

    Merritt Hayes
    Great for increasing range of motion

    Easy use and portability. The angle of elevation was great for improving range of motion for virtually all exercises like split squats, calf raises, step-downs, etc. Noticed increased flexibility quickly.

    Amazing wedges(early tester)

    Great wedges for elevating your heels. Has 3 adjustable options. They are very portable and basically indestructible! Def check em out!

    Sturdy and good angle

    I use slant blocks for a lot of different lifts, these were the first two piece ones i’ve used and they feel really good. Light enough to carry around easily and the additional height that you can add is a huge bonus!

    High Quality, Affordable Longevity Equipment